Winery Hygiene

Cleanliness cannot be over-stressed in the winery.

Not only does a winery have a legal obligation to produce a product that is pure and free from contamination, it is in the winery’s best interest to produce a clean, contaminant-free product in a sanitary and safe environment. A significant portion of a winery’s sales is actually sold on premise where customers will often pay to tour. At the minimum, the winery is best served to keep the production area clean for visiting customers.

Spec Trellising offers several high-quality, electric powered/electric heated, environmentally friendly machines designed to clean and sanitize production equipment.

The Vapor One and Vapor Duo are compact, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly electric powered and electric heated steam generators designed to sanitize barrels, tanks, filters, hoses and fillers.  Heat is a proven method for sanitizing surfaces of equipment and is very simple to use.  The Vapor One and Vapor Duo models are mobile, robust steam generators that can efficiently sanitize equipment with minimal effort, minimal water usage and require little maintenance. Various sizes are available with all voltage configurations possible. Vapor One (dry free-flow steam) and Vapor Duo (wet or dry steam up to 3 bar output pressure) steam generators include:

  • S/S boilers
  • S/S heating elements
  • S/S cabinetry
  • Compact and mobile
  • No exhaust fumes
  • Auto re-fill
  • Low voltage (24V) controls
  • PLC controlled 
  • High-pressure steam hose with butterfly valve and TC fitting
  • Reverse Osmosis compatible (special order)

For cleaning (generally) exterior surfaces of production equipment Spec Trellising offers the Eco-JetEco-Jet is the affordable mobile, low-flow hot-water electric powered and electric heated pressure washer ideal for cleaning production equipment, floors, walls and drains thanks to it low-flow water output.  Eco-Jet’s low flow (ie 0.6GPM)  enables the operator to clean equipment without the extreme splashback produced by standard pressure washers.  Because of this, cleaning is efficient and safe for delicate equipment.  Eco-Jet can heat water up to 190 degrees F, aiding the cleaning/sanitizing of stubborn stains typically found on winery equipment.  Eco-Jet is available in various sizes and all possible voltage configurations and includes:

  • S/S boiler
  • S/S heating elements
  • S/S cabinetry
  • Compact and mobile
  • Moderate and high flow outputs available (special order)
  • Low voltage (24V) controls
  • High-pressure wand with lance
  • Hose reel

Ika Vapor is a combination electric powered and electric heated steam generator/low-flow hot-water pressure washer.  Ika Vapor offers all of the features and benefits of both the Vapor Duo and the Eco-Jet, in a single compact, mobile unit. 

Vapor One
Ika Vapor

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