StopGel GREEN 100% NATURAL anti-frost candles

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StopGel GREEN 100% NATURAL anti-frost candles


StopGel’s GREEN natural anti-frost candles are made of 100% renewal, natural biofuel. The candles emit very little smoke, generate 50% more energy than conventional anti-frost candles and are environmentally friendly. StopGel candles contain ZERO petroleum and ZERO paraffin.
According to a study conducted by the French Technical Institute of Fruits and Vegetables, in theory you would need to produce roughy 5,000,000 KJ/hour per acre to address the heat loss during an episode of spring frost. In practice, StopGel GREEN (AFC) produce 25,000 KJ/hr which means you would need 80-200 candles per hour, depending upon the frost intensity.

StopGel uses a unique biofuel called stearine that has a colorific power approaching 40,000 KJ/KG. The heating power of StopGel GREEN per hour-of-usage exceeds any other anti-frost candle on the market, producing roughly 10,000 more KJ/Hr than any other anti-frost candle. Because of this, fewer StopGel GREEN candles are required per acre than any other AFC on the market. For every (3) conventional anti-frost candles you would need only (2) StopGel GREEN candles to achieve the same calorific power (heat).

Brand Composition -2°C/acre -3°C/acre -4°C/acre
STOPGEL GREEN Stearine 80 100 120
Paraffin Candle n°1 Petroleum 134 168 201
Paraffin Candle n°2 Petroleum 120 150 180
Paraffin Candle n°3 Petroleum 110 137 164
Vegetal Candle n°1 Vegetal 118 147 176


The most effective methods for igniting StopGel GREEN candles is by using a flamgel (portable gas lighter), blowtorch or a Jerrycan (quickest method).

StopGel anti-frost candles are available in 6L buckets and 80L drums (for use with wind machines) and generate more than 25,000 KJ per hour.
Burntime: 6L = 8 hours
80L = 6 hours

While it varies with expected temperatures, typical per-acre usage of the stopgel Green candles would be 80-200 candles per acre (200-500 candles per hectare).

StopGel GREEN Features:

100% natural – no petroleum, no paraffin
Generate 50% more energy than standard anti-frost candles
Emit very little smoke
Fast ignition and easily extinguished
Wicks made of recycled cardboard





6L, 80L


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