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For generations, sealing wine bottles with wax has been used as a tamper-proof seal for prestigious wines. However, traditional wax sealing methods tended to be time-consuming and messy, with the wax often crumbling while opening….anything but elegant.

Sincera Sistemi’s line of wax sealing machines and extensive range of cut-able, peelable wax now equipe wine producers of all sizes the ability to cost effectively seal bottles ranging in size from .5 liter to 27 liter. The days of melting wax in a soup-can over the stove and carefully hand dipping valuable wine bottle-necks into hot wax are over. The Sincera line of wax sealers usher in a new generation of bottles sealers, and include the manual “M” model, the semi-automatic models Sincera-1, Sincera-2, and Sincera-4, as well as the fully automatic Sincera-14 and the Sincera-X, a semi-automatic single bottle, large format sealing machine. Available options include automatic stamping of a winery logo and automatic height regulating wax trays.

Perhaps more important than the wax sealing machines is the wax. After years of development, wineries can now choose from a staggering range of colors, a high quality cut-able peelable wax with constant color retention.

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Sincera-M – Manual wax heater utilizing a dry heating system with manual thermostat, suitable for hand waxing bottles. Wired for 220V single phase power.


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