PZ FL Series

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PZ FL Series

From: $11,900.00

The PZ FL series of basket presses is the culmination of more than 50 years of experience of designing, manufacturing and refining the PZ series of basket presses. Built upon the dependability of the PZ series, the PZ FL series incorporates an automatic “clearing” system which greatly reduces the total time and energy required to complete a pressing cycle. The system includes a one-piece stainless steel cage and an innovative system for raising and holding the one-piece cage above the basin while the pressed cake of pomace (resting on the basin or tray) can be easily removed and dumped using a forklift or other mechanical means. The PZ FL Series eliminates the need for opening a traditional 2-piece cage to dump the cake and prepare for the next pressing cycle. Standard voltage is 220V single phase with other voltage options available.

The PZ FL series of basket presses range in size from 80 to 130cm diameter cages with fill capacities ranging from approximately 1000 lbs to approximately 1600 lbs. Standard features include semi-automatic uncaging system, (1) forkliftable S/S basin with (1) S/S one-piece cage, stainless steel covered pressing plate, splashguard, (2) polyethylene diaphragms and temporized control panel for automatic operation of pressing time, resting time and max pressing pressure. On request additional cages and basins are available.


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Available Options Available Upon Request Please Contact Us Directly!

• PLC Control panel @ $3000
Electric hydraulic press complete with: (1) one-piece stainless steel cage, (1) stainless steel forkliftable basin, stainless steel covered pressing plate, splashguard and temporized control panel and auto restart pressure control from 70 to 350 bar – restarting interval 50 bar
PZFL80 liter (WP-PZ80FL-220V-1P) 80cm diameter cage with approximate load volume @ ~1000 lbs
PZ78 (WP-PZ95FL-220V-1P) 95cm diameter cage with approximate load volume @ 1400 lbs

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