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Best suited for small to mid-size wineries, the SRAML VPe Eco Pneumatic Membrane Press Series combines the simplicity of design and use with innovation for the ultimate performance. Equipped with a number of programmable pressing cycles and improved drain surface to maximize juice yields, the SRAML VPe line is the ultimate addition to your winery.  Gentle pressing of the grape mass and significant reduction of processing time is key to achieve the quality of wine you have been aiming for.

Available in sizes from 500 to 6000 liter, the plug-and-play VPe series stands for user-friendly operation and best price-performance ratio, offering a vast of array of upgrade possibilities to create the ideal press for your production demands.


VP Eco pneumatic press features include:

  • User-friendly 4.3″ PLC touchscreen control with 12 pre-programed pressing cycles
  • Additional 8 channels for individual programming
  • Built-in fan for rapid inflation at low pressure
  • Ultra-quiet Becker compressor for high-pressure pressing
  • Large mobile juice collection tray with sieve (screening) on the outlet
  • Large double sliding door to provide easy interior access for loading, unloading and cleaning
  • OPEN or CLOSED cage pressing system
  • Available in sizes from 500L to 60HL



  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Dual-brake swivel casters
  • Cylinder rotation to both directions
  • Mirror-polished drainage channels
  • Quiet BECKER vane compressor
  • Quiet fan for fast airflow: up to +.2 bar
  • Quiet vacuum fan
  • AE automation with touch screen
  • Separate manual operation of the press
  • Safety cord with interlocks on both sides


Available Options

  • Axial Loading
    • Axial loading valve
    • Sight glass for mass flow monitoring
  • Cylinder
    • Non-perforated door for maceration
    • Plug to seal drain channel outlets
    • Large opening for cleaning purposes
    • Drainage channels on the hinges
    • Watertight double sliding door with inflatable seal
    • Pneumatic door open-close mechanism
    • Central juice outlet (installed INSIDE the drum)
    • Central juice outlet (installed OUTSIDE the cylinder)
    • Double jacket on the cylinder – not insulated- for heating/cooling purposes
  • Automation Control
    • Automatic AT (7″ touchscreen)
    • Collection tank level switch
    • Smart speed control and soft cylinder rotation
    • Cabled or radio remote control
    • Grape mass weighing system
    • Separate electric box with display
    • Acoustic alarm on axial loading and automatic stop for external pump with axial loading
    • Single-phase wiring
  • Frame
    • Elevated press
    • Staircase and platform
    • Different side panel opening/closing
    • Motorized movement of the press
    • Drawbar for moving the press
    • Collection tank on wheels
  • Cleaning
    • Cylinder external washing
    • Manual interior cleaning of drain juice channels and a sewer with high pressure washer
    • Automatic interior cleaning of juice channels and a sewer with high pressure washer
    • Automatic PULSE (water/air) drain channel cleaning
  • Loading Hoppers
    • Loading hopper
    • Loading hopper with crusher
    • Loading hopper mounted on a stand-alone trolley
    • Loading hopper with crushing unit mounted on a stand-alone trolley
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5HL, 8HL, 11HL, 15HL, 21HL, VP32e, VP44e


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