Low-flow hot-water pressure washer

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Low-flow hot-water pressure washer


Idroeletrika’s ECO system is a complete range of “green” environmentally friendly electric powered hot-water pressure washers with electric boilers that heat the water under pressure, providing high-pressure hot-water output with low, medium and high flow-rates, ranging from 2.5-15 liters per minute. Unlike traditional pressure washers which use diesel to heat water, thereby generating and releasing harmful exhaust emissions into the environment; the ECO line of pressure washers eliminates this main defect, by using clean electricity to heat the water, fully respecting the environment, the health of workers as well as the inherently sensitive wine cellar environment. No longer must workers run the risk of contamination in the cellar from spilled diesel fuel or exhaust fumes from diesel powered motors while performing basic but critically important cleaning operations.

Utilizing a unique technology, the ECO line of pressure washers, first directs cold water into the pump, then flowing into the pressurized electric boiler where continuous heating occurs. The continuous heating of water enables workers to effectively clean in ways never thought possible with common high-flow pressure washers. The low and medium flow rate of the ECO line of pressure washers enable workers to safely clean indoors all surfaces including delicate components of machines, without the overwhelming splashback or exhaust fumes that typically occur while using standard high flow pressure washers. It is even possible for workers to get into a wine tank to clean the interior surfaces using a low or medium-flow ECO pressure washer. The high-flow rate machines enable the use of tank cleaning head and barrel cleaning head (spin wash) in combination with a ECO series pressure washer, for tank cleaning and barrel cleaning.

Machines are available in a variety of configurations (flow rate and Kw) to fit every unique situation.

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Weight 175 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 40 in

EcoJet, EcoPower


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