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Grow tubes have been used for years as a means of protecting and promoting growth of grapevines during the establishment of the vineyard.  Grow tubes are great at protecting vines from damaging herbicide sprays and browsing predators such as rabbits and deer that can cause extensive costly damage to newly planted vines.  Vine damage incurred during the 1st year of planting can cause significant delays in production in years following the initial planting.  In addition to the benefits of protecting the vine, grow tubes allow light to pass through the tube, creating an interior microclimate similar very similar to the climate inside a greenhouse.  Grow tubes often promote plant growth to such an extent that fruit is often times harvested a season earlier compared to vines grown without the use of grow tubes.  In addition grow tubes tend to suppress lateral growth thereby reducing vine management costs.


Grow Tubes offer:

  • Protection from herbicide sprays
  • Protection from animals chewing on the vines
  • Protection from harsh winds
  • Reduced rates of evaporation
  • Increased positive effects of interior microclimate
  • Suppression of lateral growth
  • Healthier growth from increased root development


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30" Blue-X, 15" ShellT