Fenox Earth Anchor (600mm)

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Fenox Earth Anchor (600mm)


The fenox anchor is a very effective anchor used for anchoring into rocky, stony soils. The anchor is made of hardened HDG steel, with a hardened steel tip and (3) internal steel tentacles and an anchor bracket. The tentacles are designed to penetrate shale and other small to medium size rocks. The internal tentacles wrap around the rock, solidly latching or mooring onto the rock. The supplied bracket is used to connect the tie-back wire to the anchor. The Fenox anchor is only recommended for rocky soils.

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Using the fenox installation kit (sold seperately), lay the ground plate onto the ground and drive the anchor into the ground thru the hole in the ground plate. To do so, first slide an anchor bracket onto the anchor. Insert the long drive rod into the hollow end of the anchor and drive into the ground using a sledge hammer. After driving completely into the ground, remove the long drive rod and insert the short drive sleeve into the body of the fenox anchor and pound with a sledge hammer to drive the (3) internal tentacles out of the tip of the anchor into the rock. Once set into the ground, remove the ground plate and continue the process.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 24 in

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