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D-SELECTOR Combines the Dinamica destemmer with the Rolly automatic mechanical sorter and the Rulli crushing unit for a completely automatic system for destemming, sorting and crushing.  Standard features include polyethylene cage with 24mm holes (19-22-28mm holes or progressive pattern upon request), adjustable food-grade rubber beaters, feeding hopper with screw (adjustable speed through electronic speed variator) with automatic mechanical sorter with frequency speed variator, adjustable shaft distances for medial and final sorting section, a unique discharging funnel with quick release system and bin Frame  for “BIN DISCHARGE ready”. Crushing unit with fully adjustable rubber rollers included.

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The D-Selector is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and consists of a combined frame on wheels with adjustable feet.   The destemming cage (and shaft) speed is controlled by electronic speed variator.  The standard food-grade polyethylene destemming cage includes 24mm round holes, chamfered on both side to ensure a smooth surface; 19mm, 22mm and 25mm hole sizes available, also in a progressive hole pattern.  The destemming shaft includes whole rubber pads, adjustable in both distances and inclination to the cage and the cage and shaft can be quickly and easily disassembled for daily cleaning operations.  Destemmed product (berries) discharges directly onto the mechanical selector sorting table, which includes two different profiles of food-grade polyethylene rollers.  The first section of rollers allows liquid to drain and the spreading of the material for the interception and removal of small vegetative particles, while the second section enables detailed precision sorting of a wide range of grape varietals from all other matter (MOG).  A frequency speed variator controls the rotational speed of the rollers while the spacing of the rollers (accomplished using the supplied spacers) enables the rollers to adapt to a wide range of grape varietals for optimal sorting.  The removable crushing unit with lobular roller profile and adjustable fully adjustable spacing can be installed on the selector discharge. The D-Selector can be mounted on an adjustable bin frame with telescopic legs for adjustable discharge height allowing the use of a pump hopper discharge directly into a fermentation bin.

Standard features of the D-Selector include:

  • Polyethylene cage with 24mm holes (19, 22 or 28mm holes also available or a progressive hole pattern upon request),
  • Fully adjustable food-grade rubber beaters
  • Feed hopper with variable speed feed screw
  • Variable speed mechanical sorter with adjustable roller spacings for efficient sorting of all grape varietals, mounted onto a bin frame with telescopic legs for discharging directly into a fermentation bin or pump hopper.
  • Optional rulli crushing unit mounted below the sorter that can be completely opened up for minimal crushing or slid to the side of the machine allowing fruit to discharge without being crushed.

The D-Selector is available in three sizes with production rates ranging from 3-20 TPH and can be wired for single phase or 3-phase power. Available options for the d-selector 12 and d-selector 20 include the double funnel discharge system and a screw hopper for grapeseed removal.

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D Selector

D-Selector 6, D-Selector 12, D-Selector 20


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