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D-SELECTOR Combines the Dinamica destemmer with the Rolly automatic mechanical sorter and the Rulli crushing unit for a completely automatic system for destemming, sorting and crushing.  Standard features include polyethylene cage with 24mm holes (19-22-28mm holes or progressive pattern upon request), adjustable food-grade rubber beaters, feeding hopper with screw (adjustable speed through electronic speed variator) with automatic mechanical sorter with frequency speed variator, adjustable shaft distances for medial and final sorting section, a unique discharging funnel with quick release system and bin Frame  for “BIN DISCHARGE ready”. Crushing unit with fully adjustable rubber rollers included.

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The D-Selector is the revolutionary line of combined machines by Mori. The D-Selector is comprised of a Dinamica destemmer and Rolly automatic mechanical sorter. An optional crushing unit is available. With the D-Selector, wine-makers can now de-stem grapes directly onto a automatic mechanical sorting line then quickly direct quality berries into the crushing unit, pump hopper or fermentation bin.

All can be done with a single operator. The D-Selector performs perfectly ON ALL grape varieties.

Available Sizes:

D-Selector 6; Maximum production rate: 6 tons per hour

D-Selector 12; Maximum production rate: 12 tons per hour

D-Selector 20; Maximum production rate: 20 tons per hour


The D-Selector costs of two separate machines combined into one:

DINAMICA (Destemming Unit)

• Built entirely of S/S and on wheels for mobility

• Feeding hopper w/screw for consistent feeding of grape clusters to destemmer

• Easily dismantled (without tools) for cleaning of all working parts

• Beater shaft & 100mm PVC cage rotate in same direction at a specific speed ratio

• Destemmer speed can be adjusted to perfectly adapt to all grape varieties

• Adjustments can be made to the inclination and height of the beater blades

• Features ensure the softest treatment of berries

ROLLY (Automatic Grape Sorter)

• Automatic mechanical grape sorter on a S/S frame with nontoxic PVC rollers

• Located directly beneath the Dinamica destemmer

• Fruit passes through the destemmer and drops directly onto the 1st section

of the “rolling carpet” of the Rolly for automatic sorting.

• The 1st section of rollers allows seeds and small vegetative parts drop between

the rollers, allowing acceptable berries and larger pieces of MOG to travel onto

the 2nd segment of the rolling carpet.

• 2nd segment contains rollers that have a greater spacing between them, good berries

drop between the rollers directly into a crushing unit, fermentation bin or pump hopper

• Larger pieces of MOG float down the carpet to be expelled into a collection bin.

• Adjustments to production rates can be made through the use of the frequency speed control.

Both units that comprise the D-Selector series are installed onto a main frame with telescopic legs to enable direct discharge of fruit into a bin. The crushing unit operates independently from both the destemmer and the sorter, and the food-grade rollers of the crushing unit can be adjusted to be completely open or slide out of the way to avoid crushing. The sorter can be set up with a single funnel recovery system for diverting acceptable berries and small pieces of vegetative matter (MOG) onward to the selection line. It can also be configured with two individual funnels; the 1st for capturing and separating the small pieces of vegetative matter (MOG), and the 2nd for capturing acceptable berries onward down the selection process.

The D-Selector also includes a liquid interception box (with pump fitting) as well as removable drainage.

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