C1 Maxi Steel Line Posts

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C1 Maxi Steel Line Posts


The C1 Maxi range of steel line posts is a series of high quality roll-formed medium/heavy weight vertical line posts designed for use as vineyard trellis line posts. The C1 Maxi posts are available in a range of structural steel qualities with a choice of coatings and a choice of wire notches (for fixed wires) and/or wire hooks designed to easily manage moveable catch wires during the wire lifting phase of canopy management. The C1 Maxi wire hooks are designed to be gentle on harvesting machines with a specially designed recessed hook which is protected by the outer edge of the post, thereby avoiding damage from machine harvesters.

In addition to two types of zinc coatings; strip galv (18-25µ of zinc per side) and HDG (60-80µ of zinc per side), the C1 Maxi post can also be produced using corten steel as well as a combination of Corten + HDG. Core-ten steel is a type of high strength weather resistant structural steel commonly used for the construction of bridges and guardrails. Corten steel forms a protective barrier of corrosion which prohibits further corrosion of the interior steel. While arguably a great choice for many vineyard sites, Corten posts are prohibited from being used in soils with a ph of 5-6. In the event of soil ph of 5-6, the C1 Maxi post post can be produced with the bottom portion of the post (portion of the post to be driven into the ground) with HDG to avoid corrosion of the Corten steel from acidic soils.

The C1 Maxi 2.36″ x 1.57″ post profile combined with heavy structural steel construction produces a strong post, with a suggested post spacing not to exceed 18′ (dependent upon factors such as expected crop yields, training system, soil type, row direction, etc…). Depending upon soil ph and moisture content, the lifespan of the C1 Maxi HDG post can last up to 35-40 years while the typical lifespan of the strip galv and corten posts can last 10-30 years. Wire spreaders and fixed wire clips are available for use on the C1 Maxi post.

Additional information:

C1 Maxi Vertical Line Posts

  • (3) pairs of “N” type wire notches standard (4” centers) for fixed wires + (9) pairs or wire hooks for managing catch wires
  • Avg weight: 1.8mm x 8’2″ strip galv (9) hook pairs + (3) “N” notch pairs weight @ 10.5 lbs
  • Avg weight: 1.95mm x 8’2″ HDG (9) hook pairs + (3) “N” notch pairs weight @ 11.25lbs
  • No need for wire clips, staples, etc.
  • Mechanical harvester friendly (rolled edges & built-in flex)
  • Extremely stable in soil
  • Reduced installation and setup costs: can install by hand
  • Steel creates direct ground path for lightening


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    Optional C1 Maxi wire spreader to aid with canopy management during the growing season.

    Optional C1 Maxi wire spreader for management of foliage wires during the growing season.

    • Optional C1 Maxi wire spreader to aid with canopy management during the growing season.
    Fixed wire clip

    Optional fixed wire clip to secure a trellis wire anywhere on the post.

    • Optional C1 maxi fixed wire clip to secure a permanent trellis wire anywhere on the post.
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1.8mm x 8'2" strip galv, (9) pairs of wire hooks + (3) pairs of (N) notches, 1.95mm x 8'2" HDG, (9) pairs of hooks + (3) pairs of (N) notches, 1.8mm x 8'2" Core-10, (9) pairs of hooks + (3) pairs of (N) notches


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