AS50 Peristaltic Pump

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AS50 Peristaltic Pump

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The AS series of Peristaltic pumps are without a doubt the #1 choice for winemakers looking to transfer as gently as possible, all materials at the winery, including liquids and semi-solids. All AS pumps feature a one-piece aluminum cast body designed to transfer liquids, and semi-solids. Whether transferring liquids or semi-solids, the pumping action is generated by progressively collapsing the interior hose to create both vacuum and pressure. The pumps are self-priming and can safely run dry. The peristaltic system is incredibly efficient and gentle, transferring product without any turbulence, centrifugal force nor direct contact with any moving parts. All models come equipped with wheels for effortless mobility of the pump, frequency speed variator for variable speed operation, pressure control device for constant output and DN fittings for quick and easy switching to/from compensating tanks (used for liquids transfer) to optional hopper (not available on AS 20 and 50) and a stainless steel exit bend for semi-solids transfer. All models (excluding the AS20 and AS50 with 3rd roller roto) include self-lubricating cartridges installed onto the rotors to allow for precise lubrication of the interior hose.

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Peristaltic Pumps – equipped with cast aluminum pump body, two pressure compensating chambers, pressure regulation device on delivery, and frequency variable speed (Inverter).

All pumps from AS50 to AS200 are equipped with peristaltic hose auto lubricating system.

Feeding hoppers equipped with feed screw, DIN fittings on pump body and outlet bend (for product exit) AND MECHANICAL SPEED VARIATOR.

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