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Beautifully handcrafted Amphorae by Sirio Anfore, our range of microporous ceramic Amphorae are constructed using a precise mixture of clay and minerals, designed to provide a programmed porosity. All surfaces (interior and exterior) are hand sanded and have a thickness of at least 25mm (1”). Standard features include a wood or S/S base, 1-1/2″ butterfly valve, murano glass bubbler, ceramic cap with rubber gasket, S/S & bronze alloy crown and quick release cap. All Amphorae are securely shipped in an internationally approved crate to eliminate damage during transit.

Available options include s/s & teflon punchdown tool, fullatore (instrument for batonnage), sirio rocket (s/s screen to aid in the removal of wine after fermentation), additional clear and colored glass bubblers, Sirio “easy-move” (to aid in moving 500/600 liter Amphorae) and ozone generator (for safe sterilization of Amphorae).

500 liter (WVAMPH-500) with an oxygen transmission rate: 40 mgs/liter/month
600 liter (WVAMP-600) with an oxygen transmission rate: 42 mgs/liter/month
700 liter (WVAMP-700) with an oxygen transmission rate: 20 mgs/liter/month
800 liter (WVAMP-800) with an oxygen transmission rate: 20 mgs/liter/month
900 liter (WVAMP-900) with an oxygen transmission rate: 20 mgs/liter/month

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Spec Trellising’s line of Amphorae are ideal for vinifying and refining fine wine and are designed to be practical and functional with particular attention paid to details. Exact dimensions of width/height have been determined in order to produce a product that is elegant, well balanced and autonomous. The oxygen transmission rates of Amphorae are similar to those of traditional barrels and Amphorae contribute neither of the wood aromas nor flavors to the wines. The patented closing system consists of stainless steel & bronze clamps, designed for a comfortable, safe and effective method for complete closure of the Amphorae. During production, each Amphorae starts out as a clay mixture that is expertly pressed by hand into a plaster mold to provide shape to the Amphorae. After the mold is removed, the internal and external leather smoothing is carried out to facilitate washing (after vinification) and to seal the surfaces. All operations are strictly conducted by hand.

  • 500 liter (WVAMPH-500)
  • 600 liter (WVAMP-600)
  • 700 liter (WVAMP-700)
  • 800 liter (WVAMP-800)
  • 900 liter (WVAMP-900)

Available options:

  • S/S Screening
  • Fullatore
  • Handle held mixer
  • Clear 1.5L bubbler
  • Colored 1.5L bubbler
  • Ozone generator (110V)

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500 liter, 600 liter, 700 liter, 800 liter, 900 liter


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