MORI Bottle Filters

Mori’s line of gravity fillers offers easy-to-use solutions for filling still wine into bottles ranging in size fro 375ml to 1.5L. The stainless steel 4 and 6-spout fillers are available in a table-top version as well as on a base with wheels, and contain a float mechanism for level control and 14mm spouts. 

For cleaning, the spouts are quickly and easily removed and disassembled. And, there are no plastic exhaust lines typically found on other brands of fillers, so cleaning is quick and easy. The filling spouts are located at the bottom of the wine tank, enabling total drain.

• Onboard impeller pump (S/S or rubber impeller) 
• 20 x 20 plate filter 
• 10″ cartridge filter 
• Electrical control box to activate the feeding pump 
• Electronic level sensor for controlling the level of wine in the filler tank 
• 12mm and 16mm spouts

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