Introducing the D-Selector6 by Mori Luigi Co.

The D-Selector6, a combo destemmer/auto mechanical sorter is the latest offering by Mori Luigi. the revolutionary machine is comprised of a destemmer and automatic mechanical sorter with available optional crushing unit. With the D-Selector6, winemakers can now de-stem grapes directly onto an automatic mechanical sorting line then quickly direct quality berries into the crushing unit, the pump hopper or a fermentation bin. All can be done with a single operator. 

ROLLY 60 Automatic Grape Selection Roller Carpet

  • Automatic mechanical grape sorter on a S/S frame with nontoxic PVC rollers
  • Located directly beneath the Dinamica 60 destemmer
  • Fruit passes through the destemmer and drops directly onto  the 1st section of the “rolling carpet” of the Rolly 60 for automatic sorting.
  • 1st section lets seeds and small vegetative parts drop tebween the rollers, allowing acceptable berries and larger pieces of MOG to travel onto the 2nd segment of the rolling carpet.
  • 2nd segment contains rollers that have a greater spacing between them, good berries drop between the rollers directly into a crushing unit, fermentation bin or pump hopper
  • Larger pieces of MOG proceed to float down the carpet to be expelled into a collection bin.
  • Adjustments to production rates can be made through the use of the frequency speed control.

Both units that comprise the D-Selector6 are installed onto a main frame with telescopic legs to enable direct discharge of fruit into a bin. The crushing unit operates independently from both the destemmer and the sorter, and the food-grade rollers can be adjusted to be completely open or slide out of the way to avoid crushing completely. The sorter can be set up with a single funnel recovery system for diverting acceptable berries and small pieces of vegetative matter (MOG) onward to the selection line or individual diverters;  #1 for capturing and separating the small pieces of vegetative matter (MOG), and a second diverter for capturing acceptable berries onward down the selection process.

The DSelector6 also includes a liquid interception box (with pump fitting) as well as a removable drainage section. The mechanical sorter also includes a funnel recovery system (for capturing from both halves of the rolling carpet), or separate collection liquid interception box to collect juice and small pieces of MOG, and a separate hopper to collect acceptable berries and divert to crushing unit, fermentation bin or pump hopper.

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