Basket Presses

The basket press has been used for centuries as a means of extracting delicate white wines from destemmed grapes and high quality must from fermented red grapes. Today’s technologies bring the basket press back to the fore-front of high quality wine production. Gentler on fruit than it’s counterpart the bladder press, Mori’s basket presses enable winemakers to produce high-quality wines without the stress and strain of old fashioned basket presses.

With a max pressure of 350 bar, Mori’s professional line of presses can press fruit completely dry without the risk damaging seeds, thus minimizing the harsh flavors while obtaining softer tannin profiles and increased aroma profiles by extracting fewer phenolics. Pressing times for basket presses are generally shorter than bladder presses with lower extraction levels of lees and solids.

Mori offers three different style basket presses:

#1) PZ (with trolley)
#2) PZFL (forkliftable cages)
#3) PZFL2C

  • Available features include:
  • manual/automatic features
  • plexiglass splashguards
  • once-piece cages
  • cage choices include:
  • wood, polyethylene, steel & stainless steel
  • forkliftable basins
  • 2-speed pumps
  • PLC or temporized control panel (for automatic operations)

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