A Pump Worth Knowing

The Mori Peristaltic Pump Is A Pump Worth KnowingThe Peristaltic pump may be the most versatile pump available to winemakers. It is, arguably, the most gentle pump as well. And, it could be said: if it can fit into the pump inlet, the peristaltic pump can move it. This includes juice, wine, fresh grapes (whole clusters), destemmed and fermented grapes, staples, gloves, etc. 

Perhaps the most important feature is that the peristaltic pump is so gentle!  In fact, it is so gentle it is the pump of choice for the medical industry when transferring blood. In addition to gently transferring liquids, the peristaltic pump transfers solids just as gently as liquids.

For winemakers searching for the best possible pump, the Mori Peristaltic pump should be seriously considered.

CONSTRUCTIONThe peristaltic pump utilizes a rotating wheel containing 2-3 rollers (aka lobes or wipers) located inside the round cast aluminum pump casing. The rollers rotate inside the pump body, squeezing the internal hose as they roll over it. As the rollers pass over the hose, the contents inside get pushed through the hose. On the backside of the roller, a suction is formed inside the hose. The Mori Peristaltic Pump includes a stainless steel electrical control box.

Because the contents inside the hose get “pushed” through the internal hose, no damage is done to the product being transferred. Because no mechanical components of the pump actually make contact with what is being transferred, even abrasive items are no problem for this pump.
FEATURESMori’s Peristaltic pumps are self-priming, bi-directional, can safely run dry and come equipped with output pressure regulator, cast aluminum pump casing and a stainless steel electrical control box.  Available options include:  hopper, wireless remote and by-pass.

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