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Prothec System
Prothec Prothec
1: Make a single or a double tie around the cane (depending on the growth, thickness, and  weight cane will obtain from the vines) and pull the tie down to the wire. A double tie will help to bring down the cane and reduce the tension on the hook. Then when you will squeeze the tool this makes it easier. 2: Grasp the two ties placing them in the hook of the tool.
Prothec Prothec
3: Bring the two ties downward between the scissor blades (try not to pull down on the ties - don't put any pressure on them - this will help to reduce the tension on the hook tool). 4: Squeeze the tool closed in order to twist and cut the ties. Keep tool squeezed closed and pull out the hook from the cut twist ties before opening closed tool again. IMPORTANT !





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